Guatemalan Picture Dictionary


This book is a great resource for anyone that wants to learn a little SpanishEnglishK’iche’ or Kaqchikel.

As a representative of Guatemala Service Projects, Jennifer Demar wanted to create something that would be of benefit to multiple groups.  Literacy is crucial to the ongoing development of a community and nation, so access to books and resources which promote literacy is essential.

In indigenous communities, where the spoken language is a Mayan dialect, young children are at a disadvantage because school subjects are usually taught in Spanish.  This book gives K’iche’ and Kaqchikel speakers the opportunity to learn Spanish equivalents for common words and phrases used in an early educational setting.

For Guatemalans living in the city, learning English enables job seekers to apply for positions that require communication with tourists.

And, for tourists and those that volunteer or do mission work in Guatemala, this book helps bridge the gap between English speakers and those that want to try basic communication in the indigenous villages visited.

The Guatemalan Picture Dictionary contains a list of 246 words and phrases spread across 19 categories in four languages, and also includes a CD which offers MP3 files for all dictionary entries so that you can hear how the words are pronounced!


Thank you for support of Guatemala Service Projects and the health and education service work we do there!