Pencil holder


This pencil holder is precision cut from scrap wood and then covered with some gorgeous traditional fabric.  This is a beautiful gift for anyone with ties and affection towards the beautiful country of Guatemala.  It has four holes of varying sizes.  In addition to holding your favorite pens and pencils, it also works well with crochet hooks and knitting needles!  They come in a variety of colors, as shown. Feel free to voice a preference, but if we run out of your favorite color, I hope you will let us choose a backup for you!

The objectives of our nonprofit is to improve the health and educational opportunities for children and families in Guatemala.  We implement 2-3 large service projects in Guatemala every year.

This past August we provided a community library and vocational training aids to a youth transition home near Villa Nueva.  In fact, it is in the carpentry shop at this youth transition home that this item is made! 

In August we also hosted a shoe drive, proving shoes to 163 children in the village of San Antonio Sacatepequez.
Next year we are funding a community garden, so we could really use your support.  Buy now, and have a wonderful feeling in your heart that you inched us closer to funding this fantastic initiative!
Thank you for your support!


This item was made in the youth carpentry program at Nuevo Reto, one of the organizations being supported by Guatemala Service Projects.