You and a Chicken will be Famous


You might be familiar with our 10 Bucks a Cluck program where we donate roosters, egg-laying hens and chicken feed to a family and give them a nutritional boost with the added protein in their diet.  This is a spin on that!  Read the description below…


We are actively fundraising for two community-wide chicken coops which will serve the communities not only with egg production to feed their families but with a business venture that they can take outside their remote villages.

This is your opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking moment:  you can NAME YOUR CHICKEN and get your name and your chicken’s name printed on a banner that will adorn the wall of the newly constructed chicken coop.  Your name and the chicken you donate will be seen and appreciated forevermore!

Having a community chicken coop has several advantages over a small family-size one, not limited to these benefits:

  • a sturdy coop that is professionally built will not risk chickens escaping or wild animals getting in
  • a water supply can deliver fresh water and liquid nutrition to the chickens
  • a shared responsibility across the community makes it communal, social, and accessible to all, and less risk to individual participants
  • this provides not only nutrition for all the families but business income for the community

NOTE:  We are building two chicken coops, one with 250 chickens and one with 200, so there are plenty of naming rights to go around!