Handmade Journal, large


The large ones are roughly 6″ x 9.5″

The journals are handmade and hand-painted and are signed and dated by the artist, Fernando Pinzon of Panajachel, Guatemala. They are made from various recycled electronics or jewelry findings, natural elements (such as leaves, flowers), hardware, ephemera, etc., and then bound with recycled leather, coffee bag burlap or traditional Guatemalan textiles.  The pages are made from banana leaf paper.  The photo above shows me and my partner in the nonprofit with Fernando.  He creates the journals not only to put food on his table but also for its therapeutic value.  He suffers from the aftermath of polio, a disease that has crippled him since age two.  He is a kind, hard-working, and talented individual that creates absolutely beautiful work!

All of the journals are absolutely gorgeous, and I have several in both sizes. There were several buyers that sent follow-up notes to me saying how beautiful they were and how they couldn’t wait to give them as gifts for the holidays!


This item was made in Panajachel Guatemala.