Corte fabric 3


Main Colors:  cranberry, pink, black, with gold metallic threads

Measurements:  34.5 x 152 inches

Noted Imperfections:  None.

This fabric was purchased in Antigua Guatemala.  It is gently used material.  Any known imperfections will be described here and photographed for emphasis.

Some may want to wear this corte fabric.  “Corte” is the skirt portion of indigenous Guatemalan traje and is worn in a wrap-around fashion.  As such, usually corte includes several yards of fabric and is has a sewn seam to join the edges in an infinity circle.  The material is then wrapped around the waste and secured with another “belt” of Guatemalan fabric.

If you will not be wearing the corte, there are many possible uses and upcycling projects for this material, including offshoot clothing, craft projects, upholstery, curtains, pillow covers, etc.  The possibilities are endless and the material is gorgeous!

Main colors may be listed, but in fact there are often many other less dominant colors!